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Omega Stainless Steel started, as a family business, in 1990 manufacturing and distributing stainless steel tube fittings which are used in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

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Wheelie Bin Components

In 2007 we diversified our business when we became suppliers of components for wheelie bins, specifically axles and rubber wheels.

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Pick your storage period to suit your needs, with no minimum terms applicable. You can store your goods for as long or short a period as you need.

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Connect Two Different Tube Sizes with Stainless Steel Concentric Reducers in Adelaide or Melbourne

Perhaps you are working with tube sizes, and you need an easy way to connect them to one another. Alternatively, maybe you must meet certain hydraulic flow requirements, and you are working with tubes with flow rates that are too high or too low. Either way, what you need is a stainless steel concentric reducer. The question is, where can you find the size of stainless steel concentric reducer you need in Adelaide or Melbourne?

Omega Stainless Steel Products: Your Source for Stainless Steel Concentric Reducers in Melbourne and Adelaide

If you need a stainless steel concentric reducer in Melbourne or Adelaide, then Omega Stainless Steel Products is the supplier you need. We carry a huge range of stainless steel butt welded concentric reducers. Whether you need to reduce or increase flow rate or simply join two dissimilar tubes together, there is a good chance we have the reducer you need.

One of the problems with shopping for a stainless steel concentric reducer in Adelaide or Melbourne is that finding the exact right size can be difficult. With a reducer, you aren’t just trying to match the measurement for one tube size; on the contrary, you are trying to match two tube measurements at the same time. Too often, you might find a reducer that matches the size you need on one side, but not on the other side.

At Omega Stainless Steel Products, we want to make the process of finding the perfect concentric reducer easier for you. We stock 78 different stainless steel concentric reducers in Adelaide and Melbourne, all of which are available for purchase online. Our concentric reducers range from very small (9mm x 6mm) to quite large (500mm x 300mm). In between those two extremes, our selection spans many variations in dimensions on both the upstream and downstream sides.

Get Help Finding the Right Reducer for Your Project

If you are looking for stainless steel concentric reducers in Melbourne or Adelaide, you are going to have to take care to measure the dimensions of the tubing sections that you will be joining. However, if you have any other questions about reducers, our experts at Omega Stainless Steel Products are happy to answer them. For instance, if you aren’t sure whether you need a concentric reducer or an eccentric reducer (which both keeps gases or fluids at the top or bottom of a tube), we can explain the differences and help you decide which best for your project.

In any case, we hope you will choose Omega Stainless Steel Products as your supplier for stainless steel reducers—whether you need concentric reducers or eccentric reducers. For a full list of the sizes we offer for concentric reducers, click here. To learn more about our products, call us directly on +61 3 9706 5211.