Stainles Steel Fittings

Omega Stainless Steel started, as a family business, in 1990 manufacturing and distributing stainless steel tube fittings which are used in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

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Wheelie Bin Components

In 2007 we diversified our business when we became suppliers of components for wheelie bins, specifically axles and rubber wheels.

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Storage Solutions

Pick your storage period to suit your needs, with no minimum terms applicable. You can store your goods for as long or short a period as you need.

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7 Swift Way

Dandenong South Victoria 3175 Australia


Phone: +61 3 9706 5211

Fax: +61 3 9706 4844


Daniel Levy - Director

Omega Stainless Steel

ABN: 95 519 651 081

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Get High Quality Stainless Steel Fittings in Melbourne or Adelaide: Work with the Qualified Fabricators at Omega Stainless Steel Products

When it comes to elbows, manifolds, tube tees, reducers and other stainless steel fittings, it’s important to have a stainless steel fabricator you can trust providing your supplies. These elements are paramount to the successful engineering and construction of a new building or facility. Tube work and the fittings that go along with it are vital for the safe and efficient flow of water, waste, liquids, gases, and even air. A single weakness in the piping system—be it a poorly fitted reducer or a flawed bend or manifold—can lead to damage and other problems.

Knowing the best stainless steel fabricators in Melbourne or Adelaide can help you avoid those damages and the headaches they cause. At Omega Stainless Steel Products, we have been involved in this industry since 1990 and specialise in tube work and related fittings. We can help you make sure that you have the right fittings and systems in place to ensure safety, efficiency, and compliance with all relevant laws and standards.

What We Do

When you hire or purchase from stainless steel fabricators in Adelaide or Melbourne, you are working with people who know and understand steel on a very high level. Though steel is typically known as a very strong metal, it is also quite soft—soft enough to be bent, welded, folded, spun, machined or deep drawn. It’s because of this softness that makes stainless steel is such a useful and versatile material.

To take advantage of the usefulness and versatility of stainless steel, though, you need a company experienced in the art of stainless steel fabrication. At Omega Stainless Steel Products, we are that company. With more than 26 years of experience working with steel, we have the high-quality services and the proven fabrication techniques necessary to craft stainless steel parts and fittings on which you can depend.

Get the Stainless Steel Fitting You Need in Melbourne or Adelaide

Is there a particular stainless steel fitting you need for a project in Adelaide or Melbourne? If so, start browsing the Omega Stainless Steel Products website today. As you will see from going through our website, we have a wide variety of fittings—all available in many different sizes. In most cases, companies looking for reducers, manifolds, tees, or other fittings can find the right sized part just by looking through our site.

If you can’t find the right size fitting for your purposes, don’t worry. In addition to maintaining a huge selection of stainless steel fittings, our stainless steel fabricators in Melbourne can also manufacture stainless steel products to meet your unique specifications. Whether the part is a reducer, a tube tee or any other type of fitting, we can create a custom product to suit your needs. If you are interested in enquiring about our custom stainless steel fitting work in Adelaide or Melbourne, call us on +61 3 9706 5211 to make an enquiry.