Stainles Steel Fittings

Omega Stainless Steel started, as a family business, in 1990 manufacturing and distributing stainless steel tube fittings which are used in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

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Wheelie Bin Components

In 2007 we diversified our business when we became suppliers of components for wheelie bins, specifically axles and rubber wheels.

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Storage Solutions

Pick your storage period to suit your needs, with no minimum terms applicable. You can store your goods for as long or short a period as you need.

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Daniel Levy - Director

Omega Stainless Steel

ABN: 95 519 651 081

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Find a Stainless Steel Supplier for Reducing Tees in Melbourne and Adelaide

Even the most ambitious projects can get snagged on the smallest details. Nothing is truer when you’re working in essential industries that depend on details—like the food and beverage industries, pharmaceuticals, or architectural projects. For instance, many of the projects that fall underneath these umbrellas involve complex hydraulic systems that move large quantities of water and air to function properly. Whenever you have hydraulics in play, you need to make sure your piping is up to the task. That means making sure that you construct your system from quality parts, which means that you’ll have to find someone who supplies them.

Some of the most critical components in tubing systems are also some of the most overlooked. We’re not talking about the tubes themselves, although those are certainly important. We’re talking about the smaller parts that connect various tubes to form a complete system. Chief among these are reducing tees, which allow large tubes to connect with smaller ones at a 90-degree angle. The applications for reducing tees are widespread, which makes them essential parts of any pipeline network.

That being the case, you must make sure that your reducing tees are made from a material that’s just as strong as your pipes themselves. One excellent choice of material for reducing tees is stainless steel, due to its visual appeal and resilience. Stainless steel reducing tees are popular in Adelaide, Melbourne and many other large cities in Australia where complicated hydraulic systems exist in abundance.

If you’re searching for stainless steel reducing tees in Melbourne or Adelaide, your best bet is to contact Omega Stainless Steel Products, a supplier serving Australia’s capital cities for over 20 years. As a price-driven company that focuses on customer service and quality parts, we provide a variety of tube fittings that will keep your systems functional and attractive long after you purchase them.

A Stainless Steel Supplier for Melbourne and Adelaide with an Excellent Reputation

Omega Stainless Steel Products is well known throughout the country for the quality of our products and our commitment to customer service. We established our products years ago as the components of choice for high-performance equipment, and our clients in Australia’s biggest cities continue to use our products again and again because they know they work and are of top quality. Everything we sell is approved by the relevant regulatory bodies, too—our products comply fully with the Australian Standard AS1528.

Omega Has an Extensive Inventory to Fulfil Any Requirement

As a trusted stainless steel supplier to both Adelaide and Melbourne, we carry an extensive stock of products so that we can despatch most of our orders immediately. Our experienced staff also makes efficient shipping a priority, so you can usually expect your products to ship within a week. Contact us today with your questions, or to place an order with Omega Stainless Steel Products. We have staff ready to take your call and help you with any enquiry.