Stainles Steel Fittings

Omega Stainless Steel started, as a family business, in 1990 manufacturing and distributing stainless steel tube fittings which are used in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

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Wheelie Bin Components

In 2007 we diversified our business when we became suppliers of components for wheelie bins, specifically axles and rubber wheels.

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Storage Solutions

Pick your storage period to suit your needs, with no minimum terms applicable. You can store your goods for as long or short a period as you need.

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Dandenong South Victoria 3175 Australia


Phone: +61 3 9706 5211

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Daniel Levy - Director

Omega Stainless Steel

ABN: 95 519 651 081

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Buying Stainless Steel Tube Elbows and Caps in Melbourne and Adelaide

Melbourne, Adelaide and the other capital cities of Australia are all home to many important businesses. Food services accounted for almost 6% of Melbourne’s jobs in 2011, and the numbers seem to be increasing all the time. In Adelaide, advanced manufacturing and water management are two of the city’s leading industries. What do these sectors have in common with each other? Well, for starters, they all make use of hydraulic systems, which means that companies in these fields tend to deal with a lot of piping on a regular basis.

Imagine, if you will, a world without tubes. How on earth would you be able to pump water (or air, for that matter) from one place to another? You’d have to carry liquid around in buckets. Say goodbye to breweries, hydraulic lifts, purification plants and a whole host of other modern conveniences. The truth is that people often take running water for granted, but it relies on technology that must be firmly and carefully maintained always.

That means it’s important to connect the tubes in your system with quality fittings. When you purchase tube caps or elbows to fit your tubes together, you should make sure they’re made from materials that will handle the volume of whatever you need to pump through the rest of your system, whether it’s air, water or something else entirely. Stainless steel is one of the best materials on the market for these purposes since it’s highly resistant to corrosion and tends to last for a long time. Finding stainless steel tube elbows in Melbourne or Adelaide is easy too—just contact Omega Stainless Steel Products.

Omega Stainless Steel Products is a supplier with over 20 years of experience which caters to clients in various industries. Our focus is to provide quality stainless steel fittings quickly and affordably so that the businesses that Australians rely on can keep producing for the benefit of the entire country.

Buy a Quality Stainless Steel Tube Cap in Adelaide or Melbourne from a Trusted Company

We’ve been doing business for a long time, and our customers have come to rely on us for quality fittings. When you’re trying to buy a stainless steel tube cap in Melbourne or Adelaide, call Omega Stainless Steel Products right away. Stainless steel makes for some of the strongest and most water-tight tube caps around, because of their natural resistance to moisture. If you need to keep a tube closed, there’s no better choice.

Well Made Tube Elbows Also Available

If you’re looking to change the direction of your piping instead of ending it, then you might want to invest in stainless steel tube elbows for your Adelaide or Melbourne business instead. In addition to elbows, we also carry Y pieces, U-bends and an ample supply of other reliable products. With efficient shipping and affordable prices, Omega Stainless Steel Products can be your one stop shop for all tube fittings. Contact us today to learn more or to place an order.